Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Here are some figures / items that I'm selling / trading in order to make space and downsize.

 Here you can see (from the back to the front): Ultarama action figure display stands, a custom Indiana Jones stand with 4 levels (one per movie- the Ark opening scene from Raiders with 2 German soldiers, the Temple of Doom with a Thugee priest, the library from Last Crusade, and the Temple of the Crystal skull (alien pilot room) with 2 pedestals for crystal skull alien chairs & figures, 2 Clone Wars figures (Mail-Away Captain Rex & Toys R Us exclusive Nikto guard), Vintage collection Cloud Car complete with Vintage Collection pilots, Delta Probe missing gun, nice Batmobile, Darkseid Destroyer missing cockpit cover & one side gun, complete Lex Soar 7, complete Dagobar playset with bonus Darth Vader figure (repro cape), Mego Pocket Pals Spiderman, various Super Powers figures

Ultarama Action figure display stands, with foot pegs

all original Episode I figures… over 100 with Ultarama stands inside, vehicles, even a boxed MTT
all original Episode II figures with Ultaramas… over 100 with vehicles, accessories, a custom painted Republic Gunship, etc.

 A handsigned McQuarrie Concept Darth Vader- David Prowse autograph. I got this in person at Jason's Woods a few years ago.
Here's a demonstration of how awesome these Ultaramas are for displaying your figures… these vintage figures are not available.


I took some of the 6" Black Series Sandtrooper figures and turned them into "Death Troopers-" zombie stormtroopers from a book of the same name. I used the figures, Testors' Model Masters Acrylic paint, and Apoxie Sculpt to create these.