Monday, August 31, 2015

INDIANA JONES Raiders of the Lost Ark THE WELL OF THE SOULS diorama

I love Indiana Jones.

I didn't realize that they had even made figures for the longest time- but I inevitably discovered and picked these up on eBay within the last few years, as well as the original Well of the Souls playset. It's very cool, but wasn't all-encompassing in setting the scene- but Kenner couldn't really have done that unless the piece had an unrealistic price point (resulting in the set not being made), so no complaints here.

Here is a shot of the original set:

I built the rest of the basic set pieces around this original playset using wood for the structure, and 12" figures as the base for the Anubis statues (with heads sculpted / carved from polymer clay). The statue's robes were made using leather, which was painted gold and then detailed with a fine point marker. These come across as large, but they are by no means to scale with the 3 3/4" figures. If I had built them to scale... the whole thing would have been monstrous. After building the structure, I painted it and spent a long time drawing in hieroglyphics on 3/4 of the entire surface space. They're all Egyptian... but together they mean essentially nothing.

To set the mood, I installed flickering LED torches, wired to a secret switch hiding behind the sarcophagus from the chamber where Marion had her "Mummy Moment."

The total piece is meant to evoke a sort of vintage Kenner "Toy Fair" vibe, as if it were a promotional display for the line. I've taken pictures in a few different light levels to best capture the right feel.