Sunday, August 23, 2015

Custom TMNT II: The Secret of the Ooze Rahzar & Tokka with Mutagen Pen Diorama!

Ninja Turtles II. I remember being disappointed that Bebop and Rocksteady hadn't shown up in this film, although a wolf and a snapping turtle were good candidates for mutation. Today, I am very fond of this movie from my childhood, and took on the project of doing Rahzar and Tokka some artistic justice.

The sculpts were pretty great- costuming and detail was accurate enough, but... standing next to the excellence of the movie turtles these are kind of a joke. I'll give Tokka more points, but Rahzar looks like a total dufus. I have on VERY GOOD information that Rahzar would NEVER wear a bright neon green loincloth, and I don't believe he appeared in the film with a shredded T-shirt. Good if he's a wolfman who just saw the moon... but he didn't.

I repainted these. I should have carved Rahzar's T-shirt off... 
but I have a 2 year old child and only have so much time. 


This diorama was really satisfying to build. For some reason, layering all the thin pieces of wood and getting what I felt was the "right" effect at Foot Clan headquarters made me very happy.

This diorama is made from: Wood, sheet metal, wood glue, hot glue, acrylic paint, finish

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